Our Team

Representatives of RocketScience

  • Julien Farbarik Club President

    Julien has been the Club President of the CVHS Robotics Club (RocketSchience) since 2013. He has demonstrated his leadership through managing compeitions and events. He also contributes to the robot design and manages projects in the club.

  • Dominick Lee Executive Associate & Developer

    As an experienced programmer and inventor, Dominick is President of the LifeBeam Technology Club. He is also the project manager and developer of the CVHS Robotics Club. He continues to dedicate his skills to create innovative products and robotics to help others.

  • George Eliopoulos Robotic Design

    George has always aspired to create ideal and reliable robotics through dynamic design. George has helped create and build several parts of the RocketSchience robot. George is also a graphic designer and an experienced photographer.

  • Phillip Feijoo Project Assistant Manager

    Phillip has dedicated massive amounts of time to RocketSchience for our development. As the project assistant manager, he helped bring new ideas to the club as well as manage all the robot resources.

  • Brandyn Gabel Innovator

    Brandyn helped the team in routine tasks such as robot maintenance and basic programming. As an innovator, he has brough the club's attention to many ideas.

  • Ben Vice President

    Ben is the Vice President of the CVHS Robotics club since 2013.

  • Andrew Quality Assurance

    Andrew handles quality assurance in robot design to ensure reliable permance of our robot.

  • Dr. Bert Pinsky Club Adviser

    Dr. Bert Pinsky is a dedicated club adviser who guides the Robotics Club and LifeBeam Technology Club. In addition, Dr. Pinsky is also an experienced honors physics instructor and teaches physics of robotics at CVHS as well.